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ICT Security

How SECURE is your network; or how secure are your systems?, Twista Technologies has the Necessary Expertise to Secure Your Network & Systems.

We provides a full suite of premiere defense and internal security solutions that allow enterprises to engage in business transactions securely over the network.

From the gateway of your network to the power on and running of your computer.

The solution minimizes customers' risks by providing several layers of security measures to protect the network infrastructure from internal and external security threats and virus invasion. It can also identify potential security loopholes for corrective action.

With the rampant attack on cyber crime; and with our enormous experience in the industry we will help you secure your network and prevent losses to you organization.

Twista Technologies ltd Cyber Defense Solution employs a multi layered approach to safeguard the network infrastructure.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), firewall/Virtual Private Network (VPN) system and Content Security System to guard the perimeter of the network. To defend against virus and worms outbreaks – as well as other anomalies in the internal part of the network – Network Access Control is employed.

An encryption system at file, hard disk and database levels is also deployed to strengthen data level security.

All the security devices are managed with the Security Event Management (SEM) systems so that security administrators can quickly identify the root cause of any security breach through various alarms triggered by the security devices.

A Forensics system is also provided to log and record the activities in the network in order for enterprises to meet compliance requirements.

We enforce required equipment to curb threats and vulnerabilities on your network such as:

Network Security & Performance

  • Router security & management
  • Firewall setup and management
  • Network monitoring & Reports
  • And Additional Network Performance i.e. Fail over setup and Load balancing
  • System security and bandwidth management

Computer & Server Security

  • Network antivirus setup & management
  • Computer security
  • Servers security
  • User access setup & management