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Web development

Twista Technologies ltd brings creativity and technology together to solutions requested by our clients giving the best to meet their goals and needs of their organizations.

Web development involves the development of a website from its initial stages to full live running application. We develop website by use of Content management systems, Java Script, PHP and HTML dynamic or static.

We put our shoes on the visitors and organizations side's creating a website that is interactive enabling a user to get what they are looking for as well as the organization presenting the right thing to the user/visitor. And in return the organization benefits from better results in reaching their targets to their audience, performance and profit to the organization.

We also develop web based applications; customized to suit client's needs. You don't have to be a computer wizard to have Internet presence, let us do all the work.

No matter what your website needs, the professional internet development team at Twista Technologies ltd can and will design and implement a completely exceptional solution for you.

Our main niche in Web development is competitive rates and importantly we build a website to client satisfaction!.

 We have websites in different categories we have:

1. Basic website

2. Intermediate website

3. Advanced website

1. Basic site details:

 Features: This has a slide show, general info, photographs, a photo gallery, social tools and a feedback contact page.

2. Intermediate site details:

 Features: It has all the basic features/components that are on the basic plus not more than five of advanced modules such as audio, video modules, blog, forum or a chat. The client may request any i.e. not necessarily on our list because there’s a wide range of features that can be embedded.

3. Advanced site details: also this depends on customer specifications

Features: it entails all features that are in basic and intermediate sites; customized features e.g. shopping carts, web applications all customized to clients preference.

You may request an appointment to better give the details and facilitate the quote as we are always open to negotiation and strive to come to an agreement and understanding to best serve you.

Kindly note that where there’s large quantity of content or information from the normal regular website information increases the pricing rate of the website and this would be analyzed after the information is received or after the meeting and agreement is met.


We give all that is required not only for the success of the project but making the product work efficiently to help achieve the goals of the organization.

  • Build trust and confidence in what you offer;
  • Capture your target audience;
  • Turn visitors into users/customers/clients, supporters
  • Perform their main function: promote your institution, business or organization effectively!
Features that will be included in the website among others (A few advanced features)
  • Search tool,
  • Photo galleries,
  • Video galleries,
  • Audio online player,
  • Shopping Charts,
  • Forums,
  • Blog,
  • Videos,
  • News Display (can a Roller),
  • Calendar,
  • Events module, 
  • Social Network Linkage i.e. to face book, twitter etc,
  • Advertisements modules, etc

*Please note we also offer Domain registration and hosting for your website i.e. putting it online