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Web Management

We offer Web Management for our clients where they may require this; it involves regular updates of their sites, or upgrades of the sites.

This can be done in seasons, or where the client is in need.

Web Updates

We provide regular updates on website due to need to put up new information, data, graphics of the organization such to users of the website e.t.c. This involves putting up new web content to the site, creation of new web pages for new information and pictures; editing and design of the content. This may require new functionalities of the website such as pages that may require programming. This is agreed with the client’s plan in which they may require monthly, quarterly, 6 months duration or year all is open with the agreement of both parties.

Site Management

Under Site Management we will undertake technical services and maintenance of the Website which will involve monitoring and ensuring various functionalities are up and running on the site; such as any technicalities, monitoring databases, password protection, links functionalities (This will also involve checking and making sure that all the pages of the website are linked up and running as they should.)

All this will be done at our office premises or clients.

Internet Technology is dynamic and ever growing, some Web packages that might need to be installed into the website shall be done by us; and if it’s a package that needs to be bought; the organization will purchase with it our assistance and set it up.